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You’re driving home in the early evening when you spot a family of deer on the side of the road. Their eyes gleam from the reflection in your headlights.  Suddenly, one darts out in front of your car. Your first instinct might be to swerve to avoid the deer, but doing so may result in a more catastrophic result. READ MORE >>

Life insurance often provides financial help for a family when a covered individual dies. Often, insurers recommend this coverage for wage-earners. These are individuals who work or otherwise provide financial support to the family. Does that mean a stay-at-home mom or dad should not buy life insurance? READ MORE >>

Prescription coverage is one of the Essential Benefits of the Affordable Care Act. By law, most health insurance plans cover prescription drugs to varying degrees. Nonetheless, even with insurance, most Americans still face some costs for their medication. Medication may still be a significant cost burden for many consumers. READ MORE >>

Commercial auto insurance is an important part of protecting your business. Yet, commercial vehicle theft is not uncommon. If you own or lease a commercial vehicle, having ample financial protection is the start. From there, you also need to take steps to reduce how enticing the vehicle is to a thief. READ MORE >>

As we embrace the crisp, cool air of fall, the colorful backdrop of autumn leaves and the thought of succulent Thanksgiving feasts, we must also remember the end of Daylight Savings Time - an abrupt reminder to turn back our clocks one hour on Sunday, November 5th. READ MORE >>

A severe event, such as a storm, can worry any property owner. If you face home insurance claims for hurricanes, flooding or other significant damage, don't worry. Your first step should be to speak to your insurance agent about the situation. Often, insurers will set up a process to help you know exactly what to do. READ MORE >>

October may bring a new chill to the air, and a host of beautiful fall activities may beckon your family. But as we enter this golden time, certain seasonal hazards are beginning to develop. Fall brings new illness risks, including the dreaded onset of flu season. Influenza used to be a very deadly, epidemic disease. READ MORE >>

When you buy a motorcycle, you may use it in many ways like your standard vehicle. However, you also may use your vehicle in unique or specialized fashions. You might also face risks on your bike that you don’t face in your standard vehicle. Drivers likely need insurance on both their standard vehicles and their motorcycles. READ MORE >>

There are more cars and trucks on the road than ever. If your car is out of warranty you should consider roadside assistance for your auto insurance policy. It is reassuring when you know there is someone to call in the event of a breakdown or flat tire. Roadside assistance is different than warranty road service. READ MORE >>

Does having a pet increase how much you will pay for home insurance? In some situations, it may. From the perspective of the insurance provider, pets may pose a higher risk than not having them. Animals can hurt others, making them a higher risk for liability. This may drive rates up for homeowners. READ MORE >>

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