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Auto insurance provides financial peace of mind to anyone who owns a vehicle. It also helps protect other drivers on the road. Most states have a minimum auto liability insurance requirement. This type of coverage protects other drivers in the event you cause an accident that leads to their loss. READ MORE >>

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group officially awarded us for offering their "unite®" workers’ comp insurance designed just for small business. They catered it towards small businesses looking to get covered in case of a workplace accident. READ MORE >>

Investing in home insurance is always a good decision for any homeowner. A home insurance policy provides a range of financial protection for property owners. Most policies provide sizable coverage for accidental and unavoidable types of incidents. This includes situations such as theft from a break-in, damage from fire, or weather damage. READ MORE >>

As you continue through life, you may become more aware of just how important you are to your family. While you may be important mentally and spiritually to them, you are also a wage earner, and one they depend on. Asking yourself the hard question – what would happen to your loved ones if something happened to you – is never easy. READ MORE >>

Auto technology is advancing quickly. New systems and enhanced models are hitting the showrooms at a fast rate. From car sharing to autonomous vehicles, significant changes are in the works for transportation. Yet, all these changes impact the auto insurance industry as well. READ MORE >>

Working as a chauffeur could be an excellent opportunity. Today, more people than ever are turning to third parties to providing driving services to them in the hopes of reducing the environmental impact of vehicles or just to save on owning a car. And, of course, the limousine industry is also growing. READ MORE >>

You have auto insurance to help you pay for accidents or injuries. In some situations, you may think twice about events that happen that may warrant a claim. Should you file a claim? In some situations, filing an at-fault claim isn’t the best option. Of course, you should always inform your car insurance agent about any incidents. READ MORE >>

As a young family, you may not think much about the risks of death and dying. Most new families spend most of their time juggling schedules and school projects. Yet, it is very important to take a moment to think about worst-case scenarios. What if something happened to you or your spouse? READ MORE >>

Mental health care is usually as important as traditional, physical healthcare. Yet, many people do not know if their health insurance policy offers this type of care and, if so, what it provides. There are laws that require some health insurance to cover mental health services. READ MORE >>

Refinancing a mortgage is beneficial to many homeowners who want to pay off their loans. With a lower interest rate, more of their mortgage payment will go towards their principal. If you are contemplating whether to refinance or not, consider the following options. Convert ARM to a Fixed Mortgage READ MORE >>

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